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Wenn Sie wissen möchten, welches Sprachniveau Englisch Sie haben, hier ist ein kleines Englischtest. Benutzen Sie bitte keine Bücher oder Hilfsmittel und versuchen Sie ihn in höchstens 20 min. zu lösen.
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1. John Lennon in 1940. his parents left him he was young and he was by his Aunt. When he was sixteen he Paul McCartney and they decided together in a band. To experience they went to Hamburg Germany. After there for months they to Liverpool and met Brian Epstein. He became their manager and their first single in 1963. the next 7 years the Beatles became successful band in the history of popular music. John could hardly imagined that this when he first started the band.

2. The sun in the east every morning.

3. There are of people in the room.

4. My brother looks the same me.

5. Every Monday we go to in O’Connell Street.

6. I came to Dublin English.

7. Liberty Hall is building in Dublin.

8. When I got to the shop I realized I didn’t have money.

9. The bus at 9:00 tonight as usual.

10. You’re a teacher ?

11. Go away ?

12. The test is finished now ?